Sacred Circle

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Tuesday 27th April

2pm -9pm

Entrance fee 20,00 at the door - including tea, soup and bread

please reserve your seat by contacting mike at

Medium Mike Cavalli


Table tipping

A maximum of 4 people for one hour of table tipping:  Here you willl feel the  love from your loved ones in Spirit as they move the table with their own unique energy. You will experience your loved ones channeling
nformation to you without the interference of the medium. Pets also come and visit you.

6pm -7pm

Guided meditation

The guided meditation is to get us all into the frequency that enables us to  connect with the spirit world. At the end of the medititation you will be invited to share your experience without obligation.

7pm - 7.30pm

A channeled message

An inspiriational channeled message through the medium of automatic writing This is where the channeler simply writes down without resistance the  given information. In this message channeled, you will learn what is fear and how to transform fear into the love, light & liberty that you are.

Tea & toilet break

A short break of  approximately 10 minutes.

1 hour of eveidential mediumship

In this very informal hour, Mike will receive messages from loved ones in Spirit. Often Spirit give their names and information that only you would know. Nothing personal is ever mentioned in public. This information I can share with you afterwards..

Spirit also can  refer to birthdays, anniversarys and other such events tp prove that it is them connecting and not the imagination of the medium. For this reason it is called evidential mediumship.

Evening ends around 9pm

The evening ends at around 9pm. Aftwards we can sit around the fire and enjoy tea, soup & bread, plus good company.

The main meaning of the full super moon

For over two years now we have at NUU held our regular spirit communication and healing circles. These are closed circles and only open by invitation.
Despite this current time of uncertainty, more people have have found some connection with spirituality and have been prompted to now work with thier higherself. 

So we decided to open up NUU for a special one day event to encourage people to be more active with their spiritual side and to see if they would like to join our group.

This day presents the new super moon which opens  a portal for  communication with the higher relams and our higherself.

No one is excluded with this opportunity. If you are seeking a higher undersatnding, then today is your day! 


Spiritual imbiss day