Sacred Circle

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Dave Markowitz is a medical intuitive, channel of Source energy and information, and one of the premier voices of our time in the fields of energy medicine and spirituality. 

His unique, conversational style of writing gently invites you into his paradigm-shifting understandings of health, prevention, and healing that focus on reversing the lesser known causes of pains and illness at the root.

Through first-hand experience described in Healing with Source, Dave has discovered the principles that can lead to peace of mind, joyous living, and an intimate connection with the Divine.

Dave was introduced to an international audience as host of the Internet radio show, Mind-Body Connections. He has been featured on television and on ABCNews.Com, and hosts events by phone, internet, and in person in various cities. 

Dave feels truly blessed to be able to share his gifts on a worldwide scale, and trusts that you’ll find this book a life-altering experience that opens your mind and heart to the magic and the mystery of our innate healing abilities.

Listen to Healing with Source - Dave Markowitz

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