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NEVER LETTING GO with Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is a psychic medium and an attorney, who always “follows the evidence” -whether in a criminal trial or those seeking his mediumistic connections with loved ones in spirit. 


An Oxford educated attorney who grew up with psychic parents, makes Mark’s voice clearly unique. A natural story teller, Mark’s engages his readers through his narrative style with powerful true stories offering hope, inspiration and comfort. An attorney and intuitive, Mark Anthony appears regularly on national media and radio shows and has been a legal commentator for news networks.

A natural mediator, Mark combines his intuitive gifts with his legal experience in his grief and spirit contact counseling work. His book Never letting go is a powerful and revealing guide

 for those suffering from the death of a loved one. Readers will find great solace in this book, with clear help on how to start healing the pain from grief is an inspiration for those who are  looking for evidence of the Afterlife. 

Incredible stories offer clear evidence from loved ones on the Other Side and teaches us all how to recognize spirit contact. 

Learn the tell-tale signs of those loved ones on the other side who may be trying to contact you.

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