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Mike is a wonderful psychic and all around kind soul. Whenever I get a reading from him, right away he picks up what is going on and is able to offer guidance or confirmation which always makes me feel better. Also around two months ago, I had two readings with him and both times he said he saw me working with horses. I thought he was crazy because I had no connection to horses nor did I have any interest in them, but just about a month ago an opportunity came into my life - I met a woman who lived out of state, we decided to do an event together, I had the intuitive hit to do a smaller event with her first where I’d come to her state and teach a class. We started talking about how she’s a horse trainer (of which I thought was so cool) and then a day later she emailed me and asked if I wanted to do horse healings/ readings when I was in town. Even though I had never done this type of work I immediately said yes - and long story short, mike was right! I’m now working with horses as a horse healer! Like I said I thought the reading was totally out in left field the both times he said it to me - but he was 100% right and I am so incredibly in love with this new gift and line of work I’m doing. Recommend!

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Blaire September 2018

Hi Mike,

It was our pleasure. I am so happy for Raffaella, she really needed this shift. She can be very skeptical and closed but yesterday was very special and now my dear sister can move forward. I am also glad I could help facilitate that. 

I too am very happy with all that we did and feel my feet back on this earth.

Thank you Mike, it isnt easy to find the right people for these special moments in life/after life workings!Enjoy your Sunday! 

Peace & Light, L

L. September 2018
A September 2018

Hi Mike!  I read your book and it is awesome!  So so helpful!

just wow

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